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Travel: 5 Rules For a Group Trip

Rule 1: Decision By Committee

Unless you’re planning a bachelor(ette) or birthday getaway (where the person of honor should have the most say), everyone in the group should have equal voice in this trip. Decide who will plan what part of the trip and be very clear on budget expectations and comfort levels.

Questions to discuss/decisions to make:

  • Dates

  • Budget

  • Hotel vs AirBNB

  • Activities

  • Dining

  • Information sharing

Rule 2: Plan In Advance

As soon as you and your friends decide to take a trip together — start planning. Don’t let the idea linger, or you may end up booking everything last-minute and miss out on great deals for flights and accommodations. Plus, the longer you wait, the easier it is for things to “come up” and for friends to bail.

Rule 3: Select a Leader To Coordinate With an Are We There Yet - Travel Group Specialist

It’s best to appoint a group leader, to be the go-to person who knows how the planning is progressing and what needs to be done next. Once you have a sense of what the entire party is wants, the lead can explain everything to a travel professional. Your travel agent will handle all of the details using personal experience and professional expertise.

Rule 3: Agree on a Budget

One of the stickiest points of group trip planning is often the budget because people can have very different ideas about how much money they like to spend when they’re traveling.

As a group, you should agree on a budget for your trip and then adhere to it.

A maximum budget for trip necessities like accommodation will mean there are no surprises for anyone when it comes to paying for the group trip! Of course, some experiences can be optional so group members can decide whether or not they want to participate, but make sure that’s clear too. Avoid inviting friends that you know are not financially stable.

Rule 5: Pre-plan Some Activities

Take a look at the top things to do in your chosen destination and consider pre-planning some activities, especially if you’re a large group. If there are any tours you want to do you may be able to get a group discount. Sometimes you absolutely have to book in advance if you have more than a certain number of people, and it would be a shame to miss out on something the group really wants to do because it wasn’t booked soon enough! Don’t be too ambitious and overzealous with planning every second or day though, sometimes the best things happen by chance and you don’t need to add stress to your vacation!

If you and your friends ready to travel, contact David Shields at Are We There Yet - Travel Group and start planning TODAY!

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