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Royal Caribbean Drink Package: Ultimate Guide (2023)

A Royal Caribbean drink package offers many benefits, but it might not be worth the cost to most passengers. Our ultimate guide will help you determine whether Royal Caribbean's beverage package is right for you. We will also cover frequently asked questions, money-saving tips, and more.

Royal Caribbean Drink Prices

Before going into the pricing of Royal Caribbean's drink packages, it's important to understand the cost of beverages onboard the ship. Royal Caribbean's alcohol costs are more than those of other mainstream cruise lines.


Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages

Royal Caribbean offers a choice of three all-inclusive drink packages and a premium coffee package.

Royal Caribbean’s three all-inclusive drink packages include:

  1. Deluxe Beverage Package

  2. Refreshment Package (No alcohol)

  3. Classic Soda Package

The Deluxe Beverage Package is Royal Caribbean's major beverage package. The Deluxe Beverage Package is the only one that includes alcoholic beverages. Because it contains practically all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages offered, many cruisers regard to it as the "unlimited drink package."

This package costs between $63 and $89 per person each day on the cruise (plus gratuities). Prices for this and other Royal Caribbean drink packages vary by ship, sail date, and itinerary. You will find higher prices on newer vessels, and itineraries during the busier times of the year (ex. summer, march break, and Christmas.)

Almost every drink onboard is included in the Deluxe Beverage Package. Cocktails, beers, wine (by the glass), specialty coffees, teas, juices, bottled water, and sodas are on the menu. When you buy the bundle, you'll also receive a Coca-Cola commemorative cup.

The drink package does not include room service beverages or mini-bar products.

Additionally, the Deluxe Beverage Package only includes beverages up to $13 before gratuity. You must pay the difference between the cost of the drink and the $13 per glass allowed if you wish to splurge on a more costly beverage.

Many cruisers are taken aback by the $13 per drink limit. However, the $13 allowance covers practically all of the 16oz beers, drinks, and a large range of accessible wines.

Most liquor and expensive spirits are also included in the drink package. Grey Goose, Patron, Johnny Walker Black Label, Tito's Vodka, and Dewar's 12 Scotch are among the higher-end brands mentioned.

As an added benefit, the Deluxe Beverage Package includes a 40% discount on bottled wines under $100 and a 20% discount on bottled wines above $100.

Depending on your choice of beverage, you will need to drink between 6 and 10 beverages per day to break even. The exact number depends on your preferences for soft drinks, specialty coffees, and alcoholic beverages.


The Refreshment Package is Royal Caribbean's beverage package If you want only non-alcoholic drinks or don’t mind paying extra for alcoholic beverages.

Except for alcoholic beverages, Royal Caribbean's Refreshment Package includes everything in the Deluxe Beverage Package. Bottled water, soda, juices, specialty coffee and teas, and even mocktails are available.

The Refreshment Package costs between $29 and $38 per person each day onboard. Except for alcoholic beverages, the Refreshment Package includes everything in the Deluxe Beverage Package. Bottled water, soda, juices, quality coffees and teas, and even mocktails are available.

This deal essentially allows you to consume practically any non-alcoholic beverage for up to $13 per drink. Starbucks is one of the package's exclusions.

This package provides great value. To recoup your investment, you simply need to consume six to eight drinks every day.


The Classic Soda Package is the most affordable of the three traditional drink packages. As you might expect, this package includes unlimited Coke products during your trip. Bottled water, juices, premium coffees, and alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, are not included.

The Classic Soda Package costs $12 to $15 per person every day onboard. This beverage ticket includes unlimited soda from aboard bars and restaurants, as well as access to Royal Caribbean's private island CocoCay. It does not, however, cover cans of soda or drinks purchased through room service.

This beverage bundle also includes a Coca-Cola commemorative cup. The cup may be used with the onboard Coke Freestyle machines, which provide over 100 flavor combinations. So go ahead and be creative with your soda concoctions.

It is vital to remember that the Coke Freestyle machines are only available to customers who have purchased a drink package.

With soda costs hovering around $3.25, customers will only need to buy 4-5 drinks each day to break even.


The Coffee Package is for all of the coffee lovers out there. Passengers who enjoy the gourmet coffee available onboard would appreciate the Cafe Select Coffee Card. Throughout your voyage, you may use the card to get up to 15 specialty coffees.

The card costs $31, and you only need to consume eight premium coffees to recoup your investment. It's worth noting that standard brew coffee is provided for free aboard the cruise. Passengers may use the card to purchase espresso, cappuccino, lattes, and other beverages.

Before purchasing the card, there are a few things to consider:

  • Starbucks Cafes do not accept the Cafe Select Coffee Card.

  • Specialty coffee is included in both the Deluxe Beverage Package and the Refreshment Package. If you want to drink specialty coffee, you just need to buy one beverage bundle, not both.


The Water Package is for those that want bottle water, but aren't in the traditionally beverages packages. On Royal Caribbean cruise ships, the tap water is always free and absolutely safe. Passengers who prefer bottled water can have 6, 12, or 24 packs delivered to their cabin.

This package is ideal for lengthy days in port because it allows you to transport the water with you off the boat. It's critical to remain hydrated when visiting the ports of call.


What Isn’t Included With a Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

The drink packages offered by Royal Caribbean varies in terms of features, inclusions, and exclusions. The drink package's specifications should be double-checked before purchase, since they are subject to change at any time.

In general, each of Royal Caribbean's beverage packages excludes the following:

  • Drinks from Starbucks cafe’s

  • Room service beverages

  • Mini-bar items

  • Beverages more than $13 per glass

  • Duty-free shop bottles of liquor

  • Drinks in souvenir glasses

  • Specialty beers

Is a Royal Caribbean Drink Package Worth It?

I always doing some quick math before purchasing a drink package from a cruise line. The fact is that the drink bundle is well worth the money for certain people. Others wind up paying far more than if they had purchased individual drinks. I've written a whole post to help you decide whether purchasing a drink bundle is good for you.

Does Royal Caribbean Ever Offer Free Drink Packages?

Royal Caribbean doesn't offer free drinks, but you might be able to find a deal that includes the package with your cruise fare. A cruise that normally costs $599 might cost $899 with the "free drinks" promotion. Cruise lines run "specials" all year round. The bigger the freebie, the bigger the base fare - usually just a small percentage of the overall ticket price. Instead of a "free drinks" promotion, you are more likely to see a "drinks included" special. The price is adjusted to include the cost of the drink package.

Can I Find Free Drinks Onboard?

When you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise, there are several places where you might find free drinks:

  • Art auction, they serve complimentary Champagne

  • Liquor tastings at the duty-free shop

  • Captain’s Toast on the first formal night, they serve complimentary glass of Champagne

  • Platinum and higher Crown & Anchor Society Members get free drinks between 5 pm and 8:30 pm during Happy Hour

  • Guests booked in a Grand Suite or higher can enjoy complimentary evening drinks in the Concierge Lounge

  • A buy one get one free drink voucher might be pre-loaded onto your Seapass card.

Do Crown & Anchor Members Get Free Drinks

Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor Society awards points for every night spent onboard. Diamond and above members can get complimentary drinks every evening between 5 pm and 8 pm. Passengers who attend the event can receive three free drinks from a list that includes beers, wines and spirits.

How Do I Buy the Drink Package?

If you're planning a cruise, it's important to purchase the drink package ahead of time. You'll be able to use the package as soon as you board the ship. The package will only be available for purchase on the first one or two days of your cruise.

How Much is the Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Here are the latest prices of Royal Caribbean’s drink packages, which are subject to change:

  • Deluxe Beverage Package: $63-89 per person

  • Refreshment Package: $29-38 per person

  • Classic Soda Package: $12-$15 per person

The price of Royal Caribbean drink packages varies depending on the sailing date, cruise ship, and itinerary. You should always purchase your drinks package in advance for the best price.

Can Just One Person Buy the Drink Package?

Royal Caribbean requires that if one adult purchases the beverage package, all the adults in the room must buy it. The rule is likely to prevent people from sharing drinks with family and friends. If you have a strong reason why one guest won't be using the package, there is a chance Royal Caribbean will be lenient.

Do I Need to Buy the Drink Package for Children?

Children under the legal drinking age on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship do not have to purchase any drink packages. So, you can buy the drink package for the adults without the requirement to purchase any package for your children.

Can You Share a Drink Package?

You are not allowed to share the Royal Caribbean drink package. Passengers caught using their drink package to purchase beverages on behalf of other passengers risk having their drink package canceled without a refund.

Are Royal Caribbean Drink Packages Really Unlimited?

While some cruise lines limit the amount of alcohol you can order during a 24 hour time period, Royal Caribbean has no daily limit. However, if you appear too intoxicated, the staff won’t serve you more drinks.

How Many Drinks Can I Order at Once?

You will only be able to order one drink at a time with your Royal Caribbean drink package. After you finish your drink, you can always go back for more.

Are Tips Included in Royal Caribbean Drink Packages?

When you purchase any of the Royal Caribbean Drink Packages, an 18% gratuity is added at checkout. You are always welcome to add extra gratuities on the ship to recognize the outstanding service of the crew, but there is no requirement as it’s included with your purchase.

Do Royal Caribbean Drink Packages go on Sale?

Royal Caribbean offers discounts on sailings and beverage packages throughout the year. Buy your drink package well before your cruise date for the best price. You'll usually find the best deal during the Black Friday sale period.

Does the Drink Package Work at CocoCay?

Royal Caribbean's CocoCay private island is one of the most popular destinations for the cruise line. Drink packages can be used on the island just as you would on the cruise ship. The package also works at Labadee, Haiti, another private Royal Caribbean port.

Can I Buy the Royal Caribbean Drink Package for Individual Days?

You cannot buy the Royal Caribbean beverage package for individual days. You can only purchase the drink package for the duration of your cruise. So, if you want to purchase the drink package on a 7-day cruise, you will have to buy the package for all seven days.

How Can I Save Money on my Royal Caribbean Prink Package?

The best way to save money on your Royal Caribbean drink package is to buy it well before your sailing date. After you book your cruise, you can log into your Royal Caribbean account to purchase the beverage package of your choice. From your account page, Cruise Planner, you can check the current price of the beverage package. If the price drops below your purchase price, you can cancel and re-buy it at the lower price. Or call Royal Caribbean and ask for them to honor the lower price.

Can I Purchase a Royal Caribbean Drink Package at Sea?

You can buy a Royal Caribbean drink package when you embark on your cruise. The drink package will only be available for purchase during the first one or two days of cruising. We recommend buying drink packages in advance as the price is generally higher once you are on the ship. Additionally, when you purchase the drink package in advance, you can use it right when you get on the ship.

How Do I Cancel My Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

You can cancel your beverage package from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner or by calling their support team up to two days before your cruise to receive the full refund. You can also cancel the drink package when you first step foot on the ship, but no later.


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