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SeaWorld: 10 Tips For First Timers (2021)

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

No trip to Florida would be quite complete without a stop at Sea World in Orlando. Full of shows, rides and of course animals, Sea World is a family-friendly destination that offers something exciting for everyone. Where else can you get up close and personal with some of the biggest marine animals out there? Only at Sea World! If you are planning a trip in the near future, here are 10 tips to keep in mind during your visit to Sea World!

Visiting Sea World is an absolute must on your next family-friendly trip to Orlando. There are so many tips and tricks to keep in mind that you may start to feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices! Here are our top 10 expert tips for families visiting Sea World in Orlando, Florida:

Top 10 Tips For Visiting SeaWorld Orlando!

10) Bring a Waterproof Camera

Let’s face it – you’re at an aquatic park and might get splashed a time or two. Especially at live shows at Shamu Stadium, where the Splash Zone makes the performance even more fun. Watching the reactions of your kids is a better memory than trying to keep a fancy camera dry. Even at other aquatic attractions a waterproof camera, disposable or otherwise, comes in handy. You never know when the animals you’re viewing might make a splash! Note: The splash zone of shows is the first 13 rows at Shamu Stadium.

9) Dolphin Point Exhibit

Check out Dolphin Point exhibit to watch the dolphins play! Just look at these cuties chomping down on some refreshing ice!

Dolphins are beautiful mammals and the employees at Sea World do a great job of caring for them. If you have the time, participate in the Dolphin Encounter & Feeding. You and your family can interact and be a part of a training session and learn a ton of valuable information about how Sea World cares for the dolphins. Tickets are $20/per person to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

While SeaWorld encourages taking photos during your encounter, SeaWorld ambassadors will not be allowed to handle your camera or other personal equipment during your encounter, and due to Covid protocols getting a decent camera angle is almost impossible. However SeaWorld does has photographers that take pictures available for purchase.

8) Make Time for Feedings and Shows

One of the most helpful SeaWorld Orlando tips is to schedule your activities around the shows. After all, these are some of the best ways to discover more about the marine life at the park. Pick up a show schedule when you arrive at the park or browse the offerings before you arrive. I also recommend stopping by Pacific Point or Sting Ray Lagoon to get a feedings schedule, so you can feed sea lions and bat rays by hand during your day at the park.

7) Eat Breakfast Before You Arrive

There are delicious breakfast spots located nearby. At The Diner is a bustling, friendly option with exceptional stuffed French toast. With a full belly, you can start your day off right and save lunch for later in the day.

6) Beat the Heat at Cool Zones

The CityWalk is where you’ll find all the dining, drinking and shopping venues at the resort, and find awesome souvenirs from the Universal Store.

Try spicy shrimp at the Bob Marley—A Tribute to Freedom Jamaican restaurant, and down fresh avocado and fish tacos at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

5) Prepare Properly for Water Rides

Riding Journey of Atlantis? Choose your seats carefully as the front seat of the ride will get you soaked! You’ll also get wet on Infinity Falls, but that should come as no surprise considering the name. I suggest bringing some inexpensive ponchos with you as you’ll fork over a lot for the plastic protectors at the park.

4) Save on Drinks

SeaWorld doesn’t allow outside food, but you can bring in outside water bottles. Freeze some the night before to drink throughout the day. If you’re a soda drinker, invest in a $7.99 cup you can refill throughout the day for $1.

3) Arrive Early for the Shows

To get the best seats, arrive 30 minutes early for the shows. Especially at productions like Sea Lion High, where Clyde and Seamore perform hilarious pre-show antics.

2) Upgrade to the All-Day Dining Deal at Sea World

Love to eat but don’t want to pay the hefty food cost each and every time you are hungry? Upgrade to the All-Day Dining Deal which allows you to eat something as often as once every hour! Depending on how long you plan to be in the park, that’s a ton of food available to be consumed! With prices starting at $34.99 for adults and $19.99 for children ages 3-9, it’s a simple and worry-free way to not have to stress about your food budget during your visit to Sea World.

1) Purchase a Quick Queue Pass

If you’re visiting the park during its peak times, such as summer or the holiday season, purchasing a Quick Queue pass is a good idea. Why? Because it allows you front-of-the-line access to Journey to Atlantis, Wild Arctic, Mako, Turtle Trek, Kraken, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin and Manta. Upgrade to the Premier Pass for reserved seating at SeaWorld shows (excluding Madagascar LIVE).

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